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How can counseling for life transitions help you?

Life Transition Counseling Can Help You With..

Coping With Major Life Changes

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Counseling for life transitions is very beneficial for those who are struggling to cope with major life changes. Major changes in daily life and routine can be very difficult to cope with on your own, and counseling can help while in the middle of a transition. These changes may include but are not limited to a new job, a divorce, a move to a new city or state, and the loss of a family member.

Empty Nest Syndrome

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Many people struggle with transitioning into being an empty nester, or a parent who no longer has their kids living with them. After spending a couple of decades nurturing and taking care of your kids, it can be very difficult when they move out and into their own home. Counseling for life transitions can help you with this transition and help you focus your energy on something new.

Becoming a New Parent

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Bringing home a new baby can be a very special time of life, but it can also be very stressful. For a new parent, changing your entire daily routine can be overwhelming and even anxiety provoking. Counseling for life transitions is very effective for new parents, as they will be given tools and methods to help them get settled with their new baby.

Transitioning Into Retirement

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After many years of being together, some people find themselves feeling completely disconnected from their partner. Relationship counseling is very effective for helping couples feel reconnected again through different bonding activities. After a handful of counseling sessions, many couples feel equipped to stay emotionally connected to their partner again.

Transitioning Into Adulthood

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Many teenagers have a very difficult time transitioning into adulthood and need the guidance of a licensed counselor. They may be struggling with starting college, the stress of a job, or the stress of having to pay their bills. Counseling can help new adults get on the right path and help them manage the stress of responsibilities that come with being an adult.

Starting a New School

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Coping with changes is not only difficult for adults, but children as well. If you and your family have just moved and your kids are struggling with their new schools, help is available. Our counselors can help children through life transitions when they are at a new school and are trying to cope with the changes.

About Counseling for Life Transitions

At some point, everyone will experience at least one major life change. Even if the major life change is positive, like moving to a bigger home or starting a great job, the transition can be difficult to navigate through. No matter the situation, when faced with a major life change, we must say goodbye to what was and welcome the new. Some find that they are overwhelmed and feel anxiety about the change they are experiencing. This is where counseling for life transitions is very beneficial.

Counseling for life transitions is a form of therapy in which a patient receives help and guidance when adapting to the changes in their life. This form of therapy was created to help people transition through major changes, as humans are creatures of habit. Many people find that they need help from a licensed professional to accept and embrace the changes they are experiencing in their life. Counselors are equipped with proven methods and resources to help their clients process their life transitions.

A common misbelief about counseling for life transitions is that the patient must be going through a negative change like loss, divorce, or getting fired from a job. The truth is, anyone experiencing an overwhelming change can benefit from counseling for life transitions. Change is going to happen in our lives no matter what. We must learn how to deal with the changes we experience in a healthy and effective way. Counseling for life transitions can guide and encourage this healthy coping process for people.

The change being experienced does not have to be an unexpected or traumatic change as well. Having adult children move out of the home and retiring are two of the most common reasons for attending counseling. Both of these major changes are expected and are often planned out several years in advance. But, they both can be difficult to cope with. Many patients struggle with accepting new routines and need help figuring out what their next steps should be when dealing with change. 

It is very important that someone who is struggling with a life transition finds the support they need. Even if the change is very positive and will improve daily life, there will still be a transition to be made. Many try to resist the changes they are going through, which can only make it more difficult to cope when the inevitable change occurs. Counseling can provide great tools and resources for patients when they are getting settled in with their new life.

Even if a patient feels they can get through their changes by themselves and without the treatment of a counselor, counseling for life transitions can still be beneficial. Simply talking through the change and the emotions that come with it can be stress relieving and helpful. Our counselors are great listeners and can serve as someone you can vent to and trust. It is recommended that anyone who feels even slightly disturbed or anxious about their changes seek help from a licensed counselor. Going to a few counseling sessions can help you get on track and embrace the changes you are experiencing.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Counseling for Life Transitions

How long do people attend counseling for life transitions?

Depending on how big the change is and how difficult it is to accept, counseling for life transitions can be for a few months, to a year. We never rush a patient through their coping process, so if they would like to attend counseling for a longer period of time, that is perfectly fine.

How frequently will the sessions be?

The recommendation for session frequency will also depend on the change being experienced. Typically, we will suggest sessions to be once a week or once every other week. If you feel you would like to meet more often, then we can be sure to set up more frequent appointments.

Can I attend counseling for life transitions with family members?

Absolutely! Many people experience changes alongside their family members, and it can be beneficial for spouses or children to attend the counseling sessions as well. Be sure to let us know you are bringing your family members, so we know the best ways the address the life transition.

What can I expect out of a counseling session for life transitions?

To begin, one of our counselors will talk to you about the changes you are facing and the feelings you are experiencing with these changes. Then, your counselor will help you find effective ways to cope with and accept these changes. The end goal is for you to embrace these changes and feel equipped to face them head-on.

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Counseling for Life Transitions

Life transitions can create emotional stress and can be very difficult to navigate. During a counseling session for life transitions, we will help you embrace the changes happening in your life.


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